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o Computer & Internet Related Book Resources

o Book Stores with Large Computer & Internet Selections
o Book Lists
o Publishers of Computer & Internet Books
o Computer & Internet Book List and Reviews
o The World Wide Web Virtual Library
This link deserves its own listing.

o Computer & Internet Related Magazines

* Computer & Internet Related Book Resources

* Book Lists
* Perl & CGI Books
From The Perl Language Home Page
* The CGI & Perl Booklist
From the WWWiz Magazine Bookstore
* Books on Adobe Photoshop
A well done list -- with synopsis reviews -- from WebHead Design and the Amazon Book Store. Order right on the page.
* Books on 3D from WebHead Design and the Amazon Book Store.
* Books on Graphics
This list is not anotated, but does contain links to the listing in the Amazon Book Store.
* Web Books
A list of books on the Internet, HTML, the Web, Java, VRML, and webmastering.
* The Un-offical Internet Book List
Kevin Savetz' comprehensive list of books on the Internet.
* Cye's Definitive HTML Book List
A comprehensive list of books about authoring and publishing on the World Wide Web. Includes books on HTML, CGI, Perl, page design, VRML, Java, etc.

* Book Stores with Large Computer & Internet Selections
* the American Booksellers Association
* Borders Books & Music Company Home Page
* Yahoo's list of booksellers
May be the most sophisticated catlaog operation on the Internet. They catalog 1.1 million titles of the 1.4 million in Books in Print. Also offers including cross-linking to descriptive text, cover art, suggested cross-indices and reader-submitted reviews. They have a notification service, which will send you e-mail upon the arrivial of new books related to your interests.
* Book Stacks Unlimited
Large online ordering catalog and a discussion group.
Large catalog.
* Bookserve
Supports German, Spanish, and Dutch language.
* The Internet Bookshop,
UK-based service offering a searchable catalog of 780,000 titles.
* The Bloomsbury Good Reading Guide
Essays providing reading lists for 90 genres describing the works of 350 popular authors and related titles.
* The Internet Book Resource Guide
They do not sell books but provide information including, what's coming, a list of online bookstores, and author's home pages.
* Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page

o Publishers of Computer & Internet Books

* Computer & Internet Related Magazine Resources

* A free issue of Yahoo Internet Life
* The List of Free Computer Related Publications
The name says it all.
* .net (the internet magazine)
Free but you must register
* Access Online
Free, from those wonderful people who brought you Mosaic
* Amiga Format
* Amiga Power
* Amiga Shopper
* BoardWatch Magazine
* cc:Browser
* CD-ROM Today
* The Cobb Group
Many differe computer oriented newsletters. Free trail subscriptions. Free e-mailed tip of the day
* Communications Week
* Comm Week International
* Computer Gaming World
The #1 Computer Game Magazine
* ComputerLife
* Computer Reseller News
* Computer Retail Week
* Computer Shopper Sign up for Free shopping tips for the shopper
* The unofficial Delphi Users Newslette
* Edge
* EXE Magazine
* Electronic Buyers News
* Electronic Engineering Times
* G-Web
An Electronic Trade Journal For Computer Animators
* Game Bytes
* GameMaster
* Global Network Navigator
* Harvard Computer Review Online
* Home PC
* HotWired Become of free member of HotWired Community
* Information Week
* Interactive Age
* Inter@ctive Week
* InterFace Magazine
* Internaut
* IRIS Universe
The magazine of visual computing
* Lan on the Web
* The Lynx
* MacFormat
* Mac Net Journal
* Mac User
* Mac Week
* Max, CD-ROM
* Meeker
* Mobilis - The Mobile Lifestyle Magazine
* MODEMnotes - for Online Macintosh Users
* Mobile Office
* Monitor
* NetGuide
* Netsurfer Digest
* Network Computing
* OEM Magazine
* PC Answers
* PC Attack
* PC Computing
* PC Format
* PC Gamer
* PC Magazine
* PC Plus
* PC Week, The National Newspaper of Corporate Computing
* Perforations
* Photo Electronic Imaging
* Power PC News
* Sega Power
* ST Format
* SuperPlay
* Technology Review
* Total
* TrinColl Journal
* Ultimate Future Games
* UnixWorld
* Upside
* VAR Business
* VR World (The Magazine for Virtual Reality Development and Utilization)
* The Web Developer's Journal
* Web Magazine
* WinOnline Review *
* Web Week
* Windows Magazine
* Windows Rag Magazine
* Windows Sources (The Magazine for Windows Experts)
* X Journal
* ZD Europe

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