CGI, Programming, and Related Stuff

* CGI Background and Specifications
* CGI Libraries
* CGI Scripts and Script Libraries
* Database Interfaces
* Electronic Commerce
* Programming Languages
* ActiveX
* Java
* Java Script
* Perl
* python
* tcl
* VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language
* Windows Operating System
* Warning Signs of Inpending Programmer Insanity

* CGI Background and Specifications

* The Common Gateway Interface
The official NCSA documentation for the CGI/1.1 specification.
* A CGI Programmer's Reference
The CGI FAQ, and links to a lot of other basic documentation about CGI.
* FastCGI
Specifications for the open extension to CGI.
* Perl CGI Programming FAQ
Part of the perl FAQs.

* CGI Libraries

The "standard" perl library for CGI scripting.
A perl5 CGI library.
* cgiC
Another CGI library, in ANSI C.
* gd
A graphics library for on-the-fly GIF creation. There's also a python module which interfaces with this.
* CGIwrap
A wrapper for user CGI scripts. Enhanced security protection since scripts are executed as the user, not as the httpd userid.

* CGI Scripts and Script Libraries

* Matt's Script Archive
Matt Wright's great collection of Perl scripts. Guestbook, Free for All Link Page, WWWBoard chat room, Counter, Simple Search, Random Image Display, FAQs, and Help Desk.
* Perl Tools and CGIs
Nice Tools from the Web Developers Virtual Library.
* Selena Sol's Scripts
A collection of CGI scripts, including a guestbook (based on Matt Wright's guestbook), a bulletin board, and links to other script collections.
* Mike's Scripts
Another collection of niffty Perl scripts. Refer, ChatPro, Vote Script, Picture Frame, MailFile, and more.
* Chad Zimmeman Scripts
Another collection of niffty Perl scripts. Refer, ChatPro, Vote Script, Picture Frame, MailFile, and more.
* Internet Programming
Peter J. Schoenster's collection of Perl scripts. DataBase, E-Mail, Guestbook, Password, and Test Generator.
* The Script House
Classified Ads, WWWChat, WWWOrder, the Voting Booth and more.
* Jeff's Script Archive
Redirect, File Upload. Topix is a newgroup type board in development. Looks like a winner.
* Free Software by Gihan Perera
Several interesting scripts including Quizz, a great quiz generator.
* Count
A counter and clock for WWW pages. Keeps one data file per page. A number of GIF images come with it; check out Digit Mania, or The Museum of Counter Art or The Digit Collection for more.
* nph-count
Another WWW-page access counter. Keeps all the data in a single gdbm database. Cannot use different types of digits.
* Mailto
A form-to-email gateway CGI script, written in perl.
* cgiutils
Script which produces full HTTP response headers for nph (no-parse-header) scripts.

* Database Interfaces

* Web Developers Virtual Library: Databases Great Introduction.
* Web Searchable Databases from the Web Developers Virtual Library.
* Web DBMS
Good background article from Net Guide magazine.
* MiniSQL Home Page
mSQL is a shareware, lightweight SQL implementation.
* Freeware/shareware Database for NT
* Entrophy Database
A collection of utilities for creating, manipulating, and searching databases via the Internet. Commercial but inexpensive.
dbperl, a collection of perl modules providing a database-independent method of accessing database information.
* dbCGI
A CGI gateway base for access to SQL databases via the Web.
* ARSperl
A perl interface to Remedy (AR). Includes a CGI interface for Web access.

* Electronic Commerce

* VeriSign
The largest of the Certificate Authorities (CAs) for server certificates (used by Netscape and Apache SSL for encrypted transactions).
* MiniVend
SSL shopping-cart software.
* CyberCash
Digital money system using the "CyberCash Wallet", allowing payment with credit, ATM, or debit cards.
* First Virtual
A system for enabling credit-card transactions over the Net (credit cards must be registered first).

* Programming Languages

* ActiveX

* What is ActiveX?
Official Microsoft description and background
* Site Builders Workship
Official Microsoft ActiveX resource area page containing links to tutorials, references, downloads, etc.
* C|Net's activeX page
Excellent library of controls, excellent industry news, not much tutorial information
* Browser Watch's ActiveX Page
* Gamelan's ActiveX page
Check this page frequently, they have best Java resource page on Web and may repeat
* Yahoo's ActiveX category
* ClubIE
ActiveX/Internet Explorer User group
* ZD Net's ActiveXFile
* ActiveX Developers page
This one available in Japanese or English


* CPAN Mirrors
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. Manmouth library of all things Perl, including source code for the Perl interpreter.
* perl home page
* Perl 5.0
The is the complet reference. An outstanding resource, it's all here.
* perlWWW
An outstanding attempt to index Perl programs, and libraries, related to the World Wide Web.
* perl FAQ
* Barcelona (Spain) Perl Users Group
Tutorials and other material in Spanish
* Perl Search at Yahoo
If all else fails, check here. Almost 300 Perl links.


* General Information and White Papers
* A Java Tutorial
A good non-techy explanation of object oriented programming. Once you get into the language it's an uphill climb if you haven't programmed in C or C++ or some other OOP language.
* Java Resources

* Java Script

* Netscape's JavaScript Handbook
The official documentation for the JavaScript language.
* Gamelan's JavaScript Resources
The best resource source on the Web, almost 500 links
* JavaScript 411
An excellent, fairly comprehensive collection of resources
* JavaScript Tip of the Week
Every week a cool set of JavaScript tips or tricks to help you on your way to JavaScript bliss. Also check out the Tip Repository

* tcl

* tcl WWW Info
A fairly comprehensive index to tcl-related stuff.
* tcl FAQ
* expect
Automate interactive processes. Incredibly useful, if a bit slow.

* python

* python home page
The comprehensive index to all things python.
* python FAQ
* Grail
A web browser written in python/tk. It supports python applets.
* VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language

* The VRML Repository
* VRML Resources, Sites, and FAQs
* 3DSite: VRML Links
* VRML.ORG's home page and FTP site
* The VRML/Java/JavaScript FAQ
* VRML Update Newsletter
* WIRED's VRML Forum
* VRML TECH: Virtual Reality Modeling Language Technical Forum
* UCF's VRML Page
* WaxWeb: MUDs and VRML
* Worlds, Inc. 3-D Worlds
* Pueblo WWW/MUD Client

* Window Operating System

* Shareware and Tuuorials for Windows 95
* Stroud's Consummate Winsock Application List Huge collection of Internet Applications for Windows
* Windows 95 Magazine Monthly Windows news and reviews
* Microsoft's Windows Software Library
* The 32 bit Operterating System Central Shareware links and discussion forums
* Frank Condron's World 0'Windows
* Winsite Enormouscollection of Windows shareware

Warning Signs of Inpending Programmer Insanity

 1. You stay up all night coding only to realize that you haven't 
    had any caffine in about 6 hours.

 2. You start listening to music and see it properly indented in 
     your head.

 3. You think the cleaning lady is sining in tune.

 4. You wonder why on earth anyone would make a programming language
    conform to such absolutely bizare rules of grammer but in a
    strange way it actually begins to make sense.

 5. You start dreaming in recursion (if you have any time to dream).

 6. You realize not only is it day but your project is due in 2 hours,
    which isn't enough time to even begin running it.

 7. You start customizing your environment because you want it "just
    right" (and because further work on the program is futile).

 8. You wonder when the invasion will begin. 

 9. You understand #8.

10. You write a list like this.

11. You start getting lost in the control syntax (i.e. () {} U~ or other
    meaningless symbols that the high and mighty compiler programmers
    force down upon us its represion man fight back!).

12. You dream in 3-D ray traced graphics.

13. You fail to understand what life would be like without caffine.

14. You have a gif of your signifigant other and see that more then them.

15. You become mesmerized by Xeyes (look they're following me).

16. You think some comments on this list are funny.

18. You start signing your name in octal (or binary) just cuz.

19. You know how to get 2lg(lg(N)) in a guess my number game.

20. You know more programming commands than actual words.

21. You realize that you have reached the end, and there is no closing
Thanks to Gwen Eckman, fool@UDEL.EDU for this list.

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