Shake It Up
(album) - 1981

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 Elliot Easton.  Frozen Fire:  The Story of The Cars.
The Cars' fourth album provided a title track that has become their best-known party song. The album itself was more upbeat, and attracted new listeners as well as drawing old ones back. But, critics couldn't understand how the Cars' came to release such a light-hearted album immediately after one so morbid ("Panorama"). But the fact is that the Cars had a lot of problems at that time, and it was reflected in the music. "Shake It Up" came out in happier times, which also showed.

This album produced two singles, both accompanied by videos. The title track, "Shake It Up" was years in the making as it was written a long time ago, but never recorded since it never sounded right when The Cars played it. But finally, it was redone, and out came a hit that everyone could agree on. It also became the highest ranking song for The Cars at the time, reaching #4 on the charts. Since You're Gone" followed, though it's not as well known today. But it is one of the most unique lesser known singles. There was also a third single, "I'm Not the One" however, it wasn't released until 1986. Also, on this album, Ric Ocasek paid tribute to his long-time musical idol, Buddy Holly, by naming two songs "Think It Over" and "Maybe Baby" after two of Buddy Holly's classics.

Two songs from this era were not included on the album, but can now be found on the anthology. Unlike, all the other Cars' songs, these two are cover songs, and started out as regular Cars songs, until Bebe Buell erased the lead vocals and replaced them with her own. She left the backing music and the songs were placed on her album, "Cover Girl." "The Little Black Egg," which was originally done by the Nightcrawlers is which is strange for even a Cars song.
'Shake It Up' Tour concert ticket
But even stranger is Iggy Pop's "Funtime", which Ben Orr now uses as a joke song at his concerts with his new band, ORR, since it was never meant to be played in concert.

Even the tour for "Shake It Up" a lot more cheerful than the one they went on during "Panorama"'s time. This time, their set was highlighted with pastel pink tones that audiences seemed to like a lot more than just cold, gray chrome. Here is a scan of an actual ticket for the Cars "Shake It Up" tour in 1982 in the Meadowlands.checkered flag

*Thanks for Alan Prager for the scan of the "Shake It Up" Tour concert ticket.

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