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The Cars' Greatest Hits album only included one new song which was the only video they produced that year.

"Tonight She Comes"

 "I know tonight. . ."  1985.  "Tonight She Comes" video.
 "...and all of the hearts that she steals."  1985.  "Tonight She Comes" video.
The video for "Tonight She Comes" is probably the most fun Cars video to watch. The Cars are dressed in mid-80's high fashion and play their music surrounded by patterns of black polka dots, stripes, and checks agaist a background of white geometric shapes. The girl Ric sings about in the lyrics seems to represent several different girls he's known in the past, who's memories seem to still make him weak. The video is also full of other funny moments and litterally goes out with a bang a one girl takes off on a giant firecracker set by the Cars. It's one of the rarest Cars vidoes, and another which I was lucky enough to record on VH-1 while I had the chance. checkered flag

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